The Enchanted Bookworm

Over the Love // Dramione ( Open)

The bar was quiet and cold, but not nearly as bad as the coldness that had crept inside of her. Her fingers clenching the tumbler of Ogden’s finest, her head pounding from the tears she’d shed. Her eyes were puffy as she glanced at her watch, a glimmering on her finger drawing her attention upwards again. The ring. 

She plucked it from her finger, dropping it to the counter as she stared at it. The circle that was suppose to represent an unending love, it mocked her now, its once glimmering stone as cold as the love that ended. She raked over their conversation again, trying to pinpoint the exact moment in which she supposedly changed. But the more that she’d contemplated it the more she’d come to realize, he was the one whom changed. The light tap of weathered hands against her own brought her attention back to the situation.

" Its closing time love, finish up and get yourself home, it seems like a storm is rolling in, would you like me to call the Knight Bus?" 

Leaving the proper amount of money on the table plus a rather large tip along with the ring she no longer wanted anything to do with Hermione smiled. ” No, thank you Marcus…I’ll do it when I get outside you just get yourself home. Thank you…again.” She stated, offering a watery smile before stepping outside the building. No coat to shield her as the first snow began to fall on her treck to wherever her feet would carry her.